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Flash Fiction Friday 11-30-12

Hi Everyone!
I know I've been out of the loop for quite some time. Missing in action. I have lots of excuse for my absence but as they say, no good reasons. I've missed you all thoroughly.
So pass the paddle, offer me up a good round of disicplinary action and let's get this show on the road.
For those not in the know, Flash Fiction Friday is brought to you by those wild and crazy (but loveable) characters of Will Blog For Sex,  a writing group that meets on Facebook. Each week a photo is presented to spark our imaginations. We are allowed 100 words, no more and no less to tell a story, create a dialogue and capture interest. This week the picture got to me in a different way and I had to share what I saw. Thank you for your patience.
I know this face, this look.
The battle scarred and war weary recognize one of our own.
On the surface, an angry hunger, a desperate desire for change. Naked pain exposed.

“Why me?“
“When will it end?”
“If only…”
“Who cares.“

Hurt, mistrust, exhaustion. Loneliness that feels bigger than a mortal body can hold, surrounding an emptiness nothing can fill.
And fear. Paralyzing. Unable to move forward. Too late to go back. Stuck on the side of the cliff with the tide coming in and no help from above. Rescue won't come.
I know this face. I know Depression, intimately.

Thank you, again for walking down my path a brief while. I'd love to hear what you think, so leave me a comment. And be sure to check out my partners in crime at the links below. See you soon.

J S Morbius:
Naomi Shaw:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 7/22/12

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!
This is a chance and a space for authors to share with you six sentences from a Work In Progress or newly published book to get your attention.
Think of it as a fishing expedition. We are trying to hook you and this is our bait!

Today I am sharing from my WIP Colorblind. There is a longer excerpt from my first chapter on my home page. Please, go back and check it out too.

Setting the scene: Our leading lady Harmony has just joined her adoptive parents at the breakfast table. The day before she got sick at school and had to be brought home, after the school nurse checked her for maleficient magik and she breathed in too much of the the spell smoke. Ooops.
Colorblind, and therefore magikless, is in for a very big shock this morning, yellow. She is about to experience breakfast in a whole new way.

      Before grabbing a piece of toast from the stack, I cut at my fried eggs with a fork and scream. It’s a blood curdling, hair raising burst of noise.
      What has Sarah done to my breakfast?                                             
      I jump up from my seat pointing. Sarah turns from the fridge startled, with a glass in her hand; I scream again.
      What is in the damn glass and why is it coming out of my eggs, too?

Want to know what else happens? See you next Sunday then. Thanks so much for playing along. Please visit the blog sites of other authors who participate by clicking the web address below.

Thank You!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New WIP Excerpt.... Colorblind


Thank you for showing up! That is always first and foremost.
Today I just felt like letting a small piece of what I'm into these days go. This is a YA story I have been working on for my daughter, Amy.
I tried to keep it short for you. Less than 1000 words.

In my story magik is derived from the colors of the spectrum. It is about a teenage paranormal named Harmony. Harmony has been colorblind her whole life that she can remember. She's never had a power, never truly "seen" the world she lives in and has been condemed to be an outsider for it. I hope you enjoy this bit, definately more to come later. Happy Reading!

The hallways jammed with students rushing to make their first hour class. Standing at my locker rummaging and rooting around, I delay the inevitable as long as possible. I’ll be late, again. Get another lunch detention from Ms. Idlewilde, again. I hate para-history, but it’s a required class for all freshmen in third semester.

I pull my book from my locker just before the door slams, almost catching my fingers. Leaning one shoulder against the painted metal, Challen Parks’ menacing glare demands attention. He’s the most handsome boy in my school and the biggest jackass I know.

We’ve had a mutual love-hate relationship since first grade, we love to hate each other. Sadly, he’s much better at it than I am. I lack the clout to back up any emotions I might have against him and he knows it.

“Are you planning on hanging out here all day, Gray?”

There’s a predatory gleam in his eye. He knows I loathe to be called that cruel nick-name.

“I’d hate to have to give you another tardy slip. As lead hall monitor, it’s my duty to report suspicious kids trying to skip class.” He smiles like a shark, with way too many teeth.

“Leave her be, Parks.” The familiar voice of Tesch comes to my rescue.

Tesch is my only friend in this suburban hell of a high-school. He’s my only friend period. Though, I wonder if being my friend is good for his social or survival aspirations, particularly now for instance.

Challen moves his broad shoulders off my locker door to turn and face my champion. Other kids are either hurrying to get out of the way or jostling for a better view. Challen’s pack of flunkies forms a semi-circle around us. “Or what, aqua boy?”

The racial insult causes Tesch’s oblong eyes to narrow into slits. He walks right up to Challen, facing off with him nose to nose. “Or the next time you decide you want to take a dip in the pool you might find yourself in hot water.”

“Are you threatening me, merman?”

“And if I am?”

“I think it’s time I showed you who’s the alpha around here….”

A deep growl emanates from Challen’s throat. I can see small changes occurring in the flesh around his eyes as they darken from a light shade to a darker one. His fingers grow long and curl into loose claws.

Oh crap!

Tesch just stands there, not backing up or backing down from our nemesis. Has he lost his freaking mind?

“What seems to be the problem here?”

The concerned tone of Mr. Bellfwigg, the vice-principal, interrupts the building tension. He moves into the arena of male dominance.

I have to give Mr. Bellfwigg props for bravery. Wading into the middle of teen-age paras bent on showing supremacy is a fool hardy thing to do. But I’ve heard brownies are made of tough stuff.

The balding, paunchy male barely reaches my shoulder, but I can feel his power surrounding us. It forces the two opponents apart smoothly. Where just moments before they were close enough to smell each other’s toothpaste brand, they are now separated by a good four feet.

“Mr. Parks? Mr. Wight? I believe first bell has rung and it is time you both moved on to class.”

Tesch is the first to relax his stance. Without a word, he picks up my book bag and loops it over his shoulder. “Come on, Harmony. We don’t want to be late.”

I curl my para-history book to my chest and fall into step beside him. I hear Mr. Bellfwigg shooing spectators and instigators on to their respective classrooms as we walk away.

“Whew… that was intense.” I mumble. “Why did you have to provoke him like that?”

“Provoke him!” Tesch chokes. “Harmony! He could have cut your fingers off with that locker door. I saw him planning it, timing it, a split second difference or you hesitating another moment, and bye-bye digits. You would have been crippled for life.”

It warms my heart that he cares. Tesch has always been there for me, looking out for my welfare, covering my back. I peek up at him as we walk to first period.

He has forced his wildly curly hair into a punk porcupine hair-do. No telling how much gel he had to use to achieve those head spikes. He has a nice face with a strong, rectangular jaw line. Slightly pointed ears poke upward and are pieced six ways from Sunday. His wide mouth is currently turned down in a stern frown. I wish I knew what color his eyes are.

“At least I would have had an excuse for skipping Ms. Idlewilde’s class.” The thought is out of my mouth before I can stop it.

“You’d rather be disfigured permanently than sit through an hour of para-history?” He looks at me with a disbelieving grimace.

We are outside the door of that very subject. “I don’t know. Ask me in an hour.”

I pull the door open and shuffle inside, Tesch behind me all the way. As we head to our seats I contemplate life without fingers versus an hour of pixie hell. I could do without pinkie fingers or ring fingers for that matter. Just need thumbs and indexes really.

Thanks for sharing your time with me. I hope you enjoyed that. I know I did. Hope to see you again, soon.

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Tatalizing Tuesday ~ Heart of Stone 7/17/12

Well folks, I'm back in the saddle again! And proud to be here.
It's the Tantalizing Tuesday Two hundred.
Myself and a group of talented authors pick a picture of inspiration and write a short story (blurb) about it. Every picture is different, every story original.
Come take a glimpse through our mind's eye.

My story this Tuesday is entitiled Heart of Stone.

I would cry if I could, but stone doesn’t weep, doesn’t bleed. In foolish, youthful ignorance I cursed myself to know.

Xeno, my heart’s desire, was so handsome. I recall the wave in his hair. The sun glistening off strong muscles as we often separated our flocks. Many village girls wanted him for husband, including me.
Our fathers wished to combine herds. What better way than a wedding?
He approached for my hand and I was overjoyed. I would have love and envy.
I thought him kind when he delayed our wedding night. He wanted to know me first, before scaring me with male desires, he claimed.
Days became weeks. I remained chaste and alone in my wedding bed. One night I went to find my husband. To make him so in truth. I desired him. I desired children.
I found him in the arms of Darius, making love.
My pain! My shame! As I ran, he called my name begging me to.. What? Understand? Forgive?
At the temple of Aphrodite, I cried at her feet. My heart broken, my pride offended, Xeno’s love would never be mine! To bare the humiliation!
I wished I were made of stone.

Thank you readers for your time and interest. I hope you enjoyed my tale to tell. To see what my friends and colleagues have come up with and what inspired them, click on the link below.

And as always, Happy Reading!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Just wanting to let my peeps know that I am back online. I have been on hiatus and not posting.
I apologize for being neglectful and will rectify that ASAP.
Hugs and Kisses.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wow! I won second place!

Thank you so much to any and all folks who stopped by to give me your comments and support! Thanks to Ray Sostre for hosting the contest and to Kharisma Rhayne and Dawne Prochilo with No Boundaries Press for sponsoring the contest. I won second place! Here is a small tease from the 2000 words I wrote based on a picture they gave. For the full story please visit the link above.

Joy of the Multiples!

         “Good evening, Dr. Stevens. I’m glad you came.”
          Standing outside her apartment looking unsure, adjusting wire frame glasses, he studied her with aqua blue eyes. “Erika?”
          An amused smile stretched her lips. “No, not Erika.”
Maybe it was the dress. She wore head to toe, black, Chantilly lace, including a mask. Erika favored black for its morbid pretensions. She favored it as an eye catching canvas for lips painted in Cadillac Red and grey eyes.
          “Faith, then?”
          “Wrong again, Doc.”
 Her smile widened. He had no idea.  
          “You’re new, aren’t you?”
          “If you mean ‘new’ in the sense that we haven’t met before, then yes, I’m new. But I’ve been around for some time.”
          “May I ask for an introduction?”
          “I’m Joy.”
She extended a hand with red lacquered nails. He took her greeting with a large, firm grip.
Joy experienced a delicious shiver. Her body tightened. She appreciated men with strong hands and long fingers. A caress to his wrist with her fingertip caused his pulse to jump.
          “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Joy.”
“Please, come in, Dr. Stevens.”
She led him towards the living area with a deliberately provocative swing in her hips, willing him to watch. She turned as they stepped into the room.
Joy watched his face with anticipation, to see his first reaction to the décor. Tawny eyebrows rose, a full, wide mouth went slack, before his features schooled into a professional mask.
Smoke and mirrors was the theme.
Contemporary furniture with gray upholstery and clean lines had been arranged around a low, ebony table. Providing a stage like quality, the flat furniture piece dominated the room, four feet square and a foot off the floor.
Walls covered in charcoal silk brocade were hung with smoked mirrors and huge black-and-white photographs even intervals. The pictures seemed abstract, until the eye focused on the larger than life depictions naked female parts.  
Splashes of red broke the monochrome scheme. Deep red Calla Lilies in a crystal vase, a blood red decanter set on a bar and a red dragon incense burner that wispy strands of patchouli escaped.
 “Interesting room.”
“Glad you like it. Want a drink?” She strolled to the bar.
Dr. Stevens wandered around the room as if deciding where to sit. He would discover no angle existed where an illicit picture couldn’t be viewed. Finally, he settled into a single chair.
“Uh, no, thank you, Joy. I don’t drink when I’m working.”
She gave a blasé shrug and poured herself a healthy drink. Taking the opposite seat, she crossed her legs giving a Basic Instinct flash. Soft lighting glittered off the patent leather, stiletto decorating a dainty foot.
Dr. Stevens cleared his throat.
“I must say your call came as a surprise. Of course, I recognized the voice. I think you know that.” The gaze leveled at Joy dared her to challenge the statement.
She didn’t even try. “Of course.”
“This address isn’t in my case file. It’s an upscale side of town. I was curious what I would find. I take it this is your place? The others are not aware of it?”
Joy took a swallow and chuckled. “Hell no, doctor. I know about them. They don’t know about me.”
“Why not? What purpose do you have?”
“Look around you.” She indicated the expensive and suggestive nature of her home. “I’m the money maker, the manager, the one who keeps everything together. Do you think they could manage without me? Balance a check book? Pay bills? Hold a real job?”
She shook her head dismissively. “Erika and Nancy only work part time for obvious reasons. They can’t shop. They buy the same things and end up with double and don’t know why. Faith is complete recluse. She won’t leave the house. Cable and Taryn are just children. The others, worse.”
“So, you know them all?” Dr. Stevens’ features scrunched in curiosity.
She could hear the wheels turning in his mind, pondering the implications. “You do seem to know… more than the rest. Where are you when they visit my office?”
Now they were getting into it.
“I’m there, sort of. I hear most of it. Like voices in another room, talking low, enough to get the gist of what you want to do for them.”
“Them, not you?”
“Not me.”
She leveled him a hard stare. Grey eyes reflected back at her in the mirror behind him as ice chips of determination. “I don’t want to be integrated.”

Thanks everyone for your support. Comments are always welcome. As always, Happy Reading!

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Tantalizing Tuesday #2 4/24/12- Bucket List

Awesome! So happy to be here!
And so happy to have you're here too!
This is Tantalizing Tuesday, where we get the chance to pick a picture of our choice and spin a tale of 200 words.
200, no more, no less.
I hope you will enjoy my humble offering.
I also want to give a shout out to the beautiful lady, 
Sancre Darling,
who inadvertently gave me this idea.
Here is my story, Bucket List.

The bite of the whip into his flesh he recalled with bitter clarity.
They’d been torn from their bower, in nothing but braies and shift, to die under the lash. Because a common man-at-arms dared hands-fasted with Laird Mackenzie’s niece, promised to a nobleman for a fat dowry. Right here, 700 years ago.
Gazing at the crumbling walls of Cearlaverock Castle he smiled. Good, I hope the whole fucking thing falls into the moat.
“Collin.” Katherine moved beside him. Her voice acted like flame to the kindling of his soul. “We need to talk.”
He tore his eyes from the ruins of their ruin. She always came back the same to him, eyes as blue as a highland loch, chestnut curls wild in the wind. “Yes, my love?”
“I don’t want to do this anymore, Collin.  Twenty-eight times now in 700 years. We live, meet, love and only to come to the same end. I can’t watch you die anymore.”  Tears welled. “I want a life together.”
“I hardly see where our wants and wishes play a part, Katie. It’s a curse.”
“I’ve met someone, Collin. He can help us. We don’t have to die again. His name is Lestat.”

I hope you enjoyed that. I give a big nod to one of my favorite authors, Ms. Anne Rice and her most notorius vampire, Lestat de Lioncourt. The best villian ever. Please, ake the time and chesk out my fellow Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers by clicking on the links below.
Naomi Shaw:
Ray Sostre:
Jp Archer:
Cyril J. Michael:
Venus Cahill:
Lee Brazil:
Bonni Sansom:

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Six Sentence Sunday 4/22/12

Welcome sixers!
Today is Six Sentence Sunday!
Today I get to give you six sentences of a work in progress or newly published work to get your attention. Give you a tease!

This next six is a continuation from a story I am working on with the loose title of "Devil's Candy"
My characters are Jacob Devlin and Emily Candace, long term friends with benefits who maybe should be together, but then again, maybe not. We shall see.

In this seen, Jacob and Emily have just been reunited after a three year seperation. Jacob is disturbed by rumors of Emily's notorious behavior around their hometown. She is upset by his reproach and walks away angrily to drive off in her car. Jacob has grabbed the keys and refuses to let her leave without him.

“I hate you.” Her words were whispered.
The truth stung. Right now, she hated him for leaving in the first place, hated him for coming back like this and hated him for being the only one who could still the turmoil of her darkest heart.
“I know.” And maybe he did.

I hope you enjoyed my six! I hope you will want more. Please, leave me a comment, dirty limrick or bawdy story. Anything, I just love to hear from you. Afterwards, please stop by other creative and talented authors blogs by clicking the link below and seeing what they've been up to this week. Happy Reading!

Also, don't forget that my currently published work, Under Bonded Contract is available with at Amazon.

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Flash Fiction Friday 4/20/12 ~ Brotherly Love

It's another fun filled episode of our weekly flash in the dark!
Yep, we take a stab at getting your attention.
A single picture is worth a thousand words, but we only get 100 to tell you a story.
My contribution today is entitled Brotherly Love.
I hope you will enjoy the way my mind works.

“Alright, Craig, ready to record?” Mickey called.

“Not yet, Dork. You forgot to write in the heart.”

“No I didn’t. You did little brother. Hurry up I’m getting sand in my ass.”

“From the sounds last night, that’s not all you got. The whole building heard.”

In falsetto, Morgan imitated, Oh Craig! Yes! Harder! Gim’me your love gun, baby!

“Shut up or I’m telling Mom you’re gay. “

“I’m not homo, you are!”

“Mom will believe me, I’m the oldest.”

Morgan mumbled, “By three fucking minutes.”

“Just smile and say ‘Happy Birthday Mom!’ and wave.”

“Bite me.”
"Dick head."

I hope you got a laugh, a smile or a fond sibling memory out of that. PLease, leave me a comment of any kind. I love them all. And take a minute to follow the links below to see what my fellow flashers had to say about this same photo. I promise, you'll never read a more talented, interesting, diverse, twisted group of perverts. I love 'em all. As Always, Happy Reading.
Bonni Sansom:
SJ Maylee:
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Yvonne Nicolas:
Cyril J. Michael:
Venus Cahill:
Gemma Parkes:
Havan Fellows:
SLira aka Michael Mandrake:
Jp Archer:
Kendel Davi:
Naomi Shaw:

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Tatalizing Tuesday's #2 04/17/12 ~ Surveillance

Welcome everybody! I am so glad you could stop by and visit with me once more.
Today is our Tantalzing Tuesday offering where I get to pick the picture and tell you a story of 200 words, no more and no less.
There are some other very talented and clever writers in this group and I sincerely hope you will click on their names and follow the links and see what they have contributed to the game.
If you think you would like to play as well, please find us on Facebook.

Here is my 200.


She looks so sad.
Thomas gazed again through the powerful night scope. He shouldn’t be doing this, reducing himself to peeping-tom. Yet, the first time he saw her sitting naked in the window, his eyes near popped out of his head.
He happily pulled night shift on this surveillance detail, grateful for once to be a rookie and given the crappy duty hours.
Looking again at his dream girl, he wondered her thoughts.
Was she lonely too?
He couldn’t accept her being involved with organized crime. The file said she had ties with Marco Palone, but had to be wrong. He couldn’t imagine her being linked to the mob’s assassin.
The telephone inside her house rang and the photo tap machine clicked when his beauty answered.
“Hey, kitten! How’s it going?”
“Marco! Where…? How…? Are you safe?”
“Safe as can be and still free.” A male voice assured.
“Oh thank goodness!”
“How’s my baby sister?”
“Fine. Keeping the looky-loo’s busy.”
“FBI bothering you?”
“Not as bothered as I’d like to be. This one’s cute. I keep hoping he’ll do more than look.”
“Kitty!” A stern voice chastised.
Thomas dropped his eye to the scope. His goddess waved him over.

Hope you enjoyed that! I did. Please see what every one had to put in the pot today for the delectable, teasing Tantalizing Tuesday soup. And as always, Happy Reading!
Naomi Shaw:
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AfterDark Online: An Erotic Pic 1k Contest: Joy of the Multiples by ...

AfterDark Online: An Erotic Pic 1k Contest: Joy of the Multiples by ...: An Erotic Picture Worth A Thousand Words Contest April's Entry “Good evening, Dr. Stevens. I’m glad you came.” Standing outside her a...

This is my entry into Ray Soste's AfterDark Online Contest. PLease swing by and give it a look. I appreciate all your time and interest.

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Flash Fiction Friday! 4/13/12 ~ Rubenesque

Welcome again all Flashers and Flash-ee's.
Great to have you here.
It's that time again. You know when a picture says a 1000 words, but we only get 100 to tell you a story.
I had fun with this one. I hope you will enjoy my spin of the picture below.

“KATHERINE!” Her mother screeched. “Why the hell am I seeing you naked on the evening news?”
Katie’s head snapped up. The nude pic she sexted Tony a few days ago flashed on the screen. He swore he never got it.
Someone had.
The ten-o’-clock anchor reported. “In fashion news, designer Christian Lacrosse announced he had discovered the model he wants to represent his new clothing line, Rubenesque, from a photo accidentally received on his cell phone. He’s offering a million dollar exclusive contract”.
“Give me your phone!”
“Am I grounded?” Dread filled her chest.
“Not if Lacrosse texted you back!”

Thanks again for playing along. Whether you love it, hate it or wandered in by mistake I would love you hear from you. So leave me a comment, limrick or  just a suggestive remark. LOL. I enjoy them all. As always, HAPPY READING!
My compatriots, a wonderful and talented ( wicked and tantalizing) group of writers have also had a few words to say about this picture. Please follow the links below to visit their blogs and see what they have on their creative minds. Great group to have around!
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Tantalizing Tuesday #1 ~ Better To Be Pissed Off

New Game! I was very flattered to be asked to play in
I get to tell you a story today about a picture of my own chosing in 200 words.
This our maiden voyage, but hardly our first rodeo.
I must confess, I asked some dear friends to help me decide on the right picture for this special occasion.
So "Thanks" to Jade Baiser, Eden Conner, Bonni Sansom, Kharisma Rhayne, Erin Griffin and Aurora Rose Andromeda.

24 hours had passed. Lydia had walked what felt like a thousand miles. Finally, she found this bench, kicked off her shoes from sore, dirty feet and lay back to contemplate what to do next. Fluffy gray clouds floated across the sky oblivious to her inner turmoil.
How could she have let this happen? She felt like such a fool.
So eager to get out of small town Oklahoma, she had believed the slick lies and sales pitch Neal spouted.
He’d make her a star! He’d introduce her to Hugh Hefner and other “big men” in Hollywood as soon as they got there.
She’d hopped in his drop top Cadillac without a single look back. They’d gotten as far as Nevada on her $500 bucks. Some kinky sex and a shower, Neal left their motel room to go see an “old friend”. The bastard never came back. Her money and clothes were gone with him and that shitty, sky blue caddy.
“Fuck him!”
This was Vegas! She had assets. A pretty face, rocking body and sharp mind could get her farther than any snake oil salesman.  
A grim, determined smile split her lips.
Shake it till you make it, Baby!

Thanks for playing along. And please, comment! I'd love to hear what you think. The Tantalizing Teasers of Tuesday is a new group, still small but open for members! Check out my fellow bloggers and see what pictures they found inspiring today. Follow the links below. As always, Happy Reading!

Naomi Shaw:
Liegh Bradshaw:
Bonni Sansom:
Ketia Davis:
Jp Archer:

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Six Sentence Sunday 4/8/2012

Hello again all my friends and fiends.
It is time for another Six Sentence Sunday tidbit.
Today, I give you six sentences of a work in progress to tease and tantalize your interest.

In my last offering we were with Jacob Devlin and Emily full of love on a hot afternoon.
Today, while lying in her love and master's arms, she recalls a different time. A time before they were lovers, when the boundaries of friendship and passion first blurred.
The first time he kissed her.

Ever since she had been a little girl, there had been a hole in her where darkness and pain roared. It beat at her from the inside.
When Jacob kissed her, for the first time that she could remember, the hole had been quiet. The silence had been deafening…and a blessing.
She gave him the only response she had in her. She wanted the peace inside again, wanted passion to drown out the pain.

Thanks for the visit. I appreciate any and all commments. I love the feed back. I also want you to check out my other fellow sexy sixers. Click on this link below.

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Flash Fiction Friday 4/6/2012 ~ Self Respecting Girl

Here we go again Flashers!
It's that wonderful day of the week where we get the chance to share our creative mojo with each other and the world.
A picture says a 1000 words, but we only get 100 to tell you a story.

April 5 was my beautiful daughter's 13th birthday. So this week, my thoughts were with her and I wanted to see this pic in a different way. This Flash is for Amy.

“Isn’t he dreamy?” Kat sighed.
“I love his eyes, but…” Amy started.
“But nothing. Check out his abs. I wish I had a boyfriend like that.”
Amy paused, considering the poster on her friend’s bedroom wall. The man in the photo definitely emanated sex appeal. Her mother talked to her all the time about self-respect, desire and sex and knowing when the times were right.
“If he loves you, he’ll wait.” She’d say.
Amy protested. “He’s too old for us.”
“So. I’d do him in heartbeat.” Kat sighed.
Amy shrugged her shoulders. “I think I’d rather go to college first.”
 I appreciate your time and interest and as always, your comments! Please give me your input and ideas. Love to hear from you.
Check out what my fellow flashers had to say about this piece of hotness. I am sure it's smokin'. They are an awesome and talented group of folks and deserve some love from you.
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Patricia Logan
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