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It's Here! Finally, ready to read!

Review from Satin's Bookish Corner


THE SEXIEST TIME OF THE YEAR: EROTIC ENCOUNTERS AT THE YULE SEASONTitle: The Sexiest Time of Year: Erotic Encounters At The Yule Season.
Editor: Sasha Illyvich
Date Published: 28th November 2011

Description: During the holiday season everyone's thoughts turn to amour. Everyone has an idea of what kind of romantic or sexual encounter they want as a present. No wonder it is the sexiest time of the year. Have a happy, merry, and - best of all - kinky holiday season with this anthology of yule erotica! Wishes are fulfilled from true love to forbidden sexual longings in these stories by Clarice Clique, JP Archer And Lani Rhea, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, and edited by master of erotic romance, Sascha Illyvich!

Review : This book has three short stories in it. each story is based on steamy Christmas stories with a difference. I'm going to say that I thought it was a good read and I enjoyed most of it. There was lots of steamy moments in this book and if you're like me you will love it. But I warn you, you might get a little hot under the collar. lol.

Winter by Clarice Clique

This was about a Witch who got a prince to come through a portal to save her. it was extremely Kinky and would make your toes curl. *wink*. I love the leading lady in this because she was a strong character and could hold her own and all my followers know this is what I like in a leading lady.

The Ark Hotel-Before The Dawn by JP Archer and Lani Rhea

This is about an abused woman getting the courage to leave her abusive partner and move on with her life. Along the way she has to come to terms with a new man liking her. This is an amazing story and  so easy to read.

Demon Protection Plan by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

Now this was the story in this book I wanted to read. Id heard so many good things about this author and iv been dieing to get my hands on one of books. OK back to the book lol. This book is about demons who would get killed killed if people new what they were. But the two leading characters learnt to hide and deal with what they were with the help of the spark they had for each other. I found this story made me chuckle but still had my toes curling and my heart swooning.

Over all view:

Well I have to say this book was worth the read. 3 very different stories that were very easy to read. Some people might find one of the stories too kinky, but if your like me you will fully enjoy it. The only problem I had with this book was that it was listed under the publishers name instead of the amazing authors that wrote the stories. But that has nothing to do with how much I enjoyed the book. I'm so glad I was asked to read this book because I'm all ways looking out for new authors to follow and I think after reading this book I will be keeping my eye out for these ones.

RATING 4 STARS Click the title The Sexiest Time of the Year to go to for Kindle purchase.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #5 ~ Halo (continued)

Thank you again for showing up and giving me your input. I appreciate all you comments and look forward to them. If you are enjoying Halo so far, be sure to click on the angle photo to the right to see the trailer for this WIP that is becoming my passion. Hope you enjoy my six! Be sure to check out My partner and I's communal six sentences as Rhea Archer and my partner on her own page as Lani Rhea. Her WIP Loisianna Moon is absolutely fabulaous!

Setting the Scene:
Our Heroine, Claire Benedict has been greivously wounded in the heart by her former lover, Peter. As she hovers at death's door, she can over hear the conversation of her beloved Aunt Marriel and a man at her bedside. Michael promises her Aunt that Claire will live. That already her angel blood works to save her life. He consoles Marriel that it is all part of the Master plan, the will of God.
Marriel rebukes Michael for his arrogance.

My six sentences:
But know this, the day I buried her mother, I buried my halo as well. I care nothing any longer for your plans, or His. I care for Claire. She is my child Michael, as much or more than yours. I will raze heaven and hell for her if I must.”
      “I knew I chose you well, Marriel.”

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #4- "Halo" continued

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Setting the Scene: Our totured hero Peter is getting set to run, go under ground. He has just set in motion a course of events he is not sure he and Claire will survive. He is recalling when under the guise of friendship, our villian Anax revealed his nephilim nature. Anax has shown Peter his wings.

Here are my six:

“Oh my God!” Peter gasp.
A venomous look centered in the eyes of the creature on the roof. “Really Peter? Is he really your God? Or is he just an absent patriarch figure who has left you to fend for yourself, like he does all the other bastard relations.”

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday Post #3 ~ "Halo"

Thank you again for joining me again for another look into my WIP "Halo". I appreciate your interest and support.

Setting The Scene: Our Heroine, Claire Benedict, has just been out in a pre-dawn run, trying to clear her head of the disturbing images and thoughts created by strange dark dreams. Her ex-lover Peter is weighing in her thoughts also, as he is heavily indicated as being involved in the homicide case she currently investingating. As if conjured by her worries, Peter appears at her doorstep. Their dicussion is heated, accusatory and even more cryptic than her dreams.

My Six:

"What are you doing, Peter?" Claire struggled in his firm embrace, unable to break free.
"Making you ready for what's to come." His mouth covered hers in a fierce kiss that stifled her scream. The blade that entered her heart was two-fold, betrayal and steel. As she slipped from his grasp, her blood spilling from her chest onto the dew covered grass, Claire wasn't sure which hurt more.

Stay tuned readers for more excerpts from Halo as the Sundays roll on. Hope you enjoyed our brief time together. Click on the angel icon to the right to view my book trailer for Halo. To check out other Six Sentence Sunday contributions from my co-horts and fellow authors click here Six Sentence Sunday.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #3 ~ Senator and Mrs. Up-tight.

The property was in her step-mother’s name, but it was for her and Tom. It kept the press off their backs for a week each year.
They slept ‘til noon, ate breakfast in bed, chased each other naked through the house and grounds like a couple of teen-agers. Tom “tagged” her in the tall grass by the lake shore, never minding the rain. It had been beautiful. Now, they walked hand in hand back to the house.
Tomorrow would come too soon. Senator Up-tight and wife would return to D.C. It was wonderful pretending to be democrats once a summer.

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SIX Sentence Sunday #2

This is six sentences from my WIP "Halo".

Setting the scene: Our Heroine, Claire has just had her first day, a long day on the job as a detective for Houston Homicide. She has come home to catch some sleep. She begins to dream about a giant chess board with eight foot tall pieces. She herself stands in the position of the white Queen. While attempting to "castle" the king, a mysterious and sinister stranger appears in the dream challenging her that she can not win this game. His message is cryptic and full of innuendo, that she is destined to loose. Claire has just implied that she will not give up and is trying to complete her next move on the board.
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God Bless America.

Halo Excerpt:
She turned away from him, giving her back in show of contempt, and began to push at the valiant white king.
“It hurts like hell when they come out the first time,”
“What?” she glanced over her shoulder to where mystery man had been moments before.
“Hey,” she called into the darkness, “when what comes out?”
Frustrated with no answer, she turned again to the king, pushing with all her might. As soft as whisper a voiced breathed in her ear, “Wings.”

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 1 from WIP "Halo"

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! These are six sentences from a WIP (Work in Progress) that will hopefully entice and entertain you and bring you back for more. Please follow along for myself as well as my Blogger Buddies. Remember that I am a co-author with Lani Rhea, writing under the name Rhea Archer and we have a six sentence Sunday blog from our new short story Before the Dawn, so check it out as well.

This is six sentences from my WIP “Halo”
Background: Claire Benedict our leading lady and new minted detective, is dreaming of her ex-lover Peter. Peter is trying to coax Claire away from her duty of chasing a felon into a church. She has sensed something very wrong inside Peter and turned away from him, continuing her pursuit and running from being pursued.

Claire turned her back on the Peter of her dreams and ran. She sprinted for the doors of All Saint’s like the devil himself was chasing her. She heard Peter roar in frustration. Felt his heat come bounding after her. Claire braced herself as she impacted the church doors at full velocity and fell through…
And landed on her butt on the hardwood floors of her bedroom!

As always, thanks for your time and interest.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #2 "Fallen Star"

Jennifer ran for the bathroom off-set. She needed to freshen up in a bad way. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. Starring in a cheap, after hours, adult movie for a cable channel. Once, she’d been a star. Now, well, she had to do what she had to do.
“I don’t have to fuck her do I?” Her co-star asked outside the door. “Did you see those tracks?”
“Why do you think we put her in the jacket? No man, no real sex.” the director.
A tear slipped from her eye as the needle slid in her vein.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #1

Welcome to my first Flash Fiction Friday...
A picture says a thousand words, but I am only allowed 100. Hope you enjoy my contribution.

She shouldn’t be doing this, she was a married woman. He pushed all twenty buttons. Twenty floors, thirty seconds between floors, a ten minute ride. Kara’s pussy tingled.
Elevator closed. Fly opened. His stiff cock filled her hand.
Ding. The door opened, second floor. His hands, full of ass, lifting her.
Ding. Kara impaled.
Ding. Legs around his waist.
Ding. Sucking her nipple fiercely.
Ding. Ding. Ding.
Ding. Harder.
Ding. Faster.
Ding. Shocked guest!
Ding. Ding. Ding.
Ding. Hotter, wetter.
Ding. Closer.
Ding. Almost there!
Ding. Ding. Ding.
Ding. Kara screamed her pleasure!
Her husband smiled. “Happy Anniversary, Baby.”

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