Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 7/22/12

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!
This is a chance and a space for authors to share with you six sentences from a Work In Progress or newly published book to get your attention.
Think of it as a fishing expedition. We are trying to hook you and this is our bait!

Today I am sharing from my WIP Colorblind. There is a longer excerpt from my first chapter on my home page. Please, go back and check it out too.

Setting the scene: Our leading lady Harmony has just joined her adoptive parents at the breakfast table. The day before she got sick at school and had to be brought home, after the school nurse checked her for maleficient magik and she breathed in too much of the the spell smoke. Ooops.
Colorblind, and therefore magikless, is in for a very big shock this morning, yellow. She is about to experience breakfast in a whole new way.

      Before grabbing a piece of toast from the stack, I cut at my fried eggs with a fork and scream. It’s a blood curdling, hair raising burst of noise.
      What has Sarah done to my breakfast?                                             
      I jump up from my seat pointing. Sarah turns from the fridge startled, with a glass in her hand; I scream again.
      What is in the damn glass and why is it coming out of my eggs, too?

Want to know what else happens? See you next Sunday then. Thanks so much for playing along. Please visit the blog sites of other authors who participate by clicking the web address below.

Thank You!


  1. Too funny. I have no idea what I would think of yellow if suddenly I saw it for the first time. Curious what she'll see next.

    My uncle, brother and oldest son are color blind. They all have problems seeing shades of green and red.

  2. Interesting take on the effect of color! Certainly makes me wnat to read more of the story...excellent excerpt!

  3. LOL So funny! Could you imagine seeing it for the first time?