Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday 4/20/12 ~ Brotherly Love

It's another fun filled episode of our weekly flash in the dark!
Yep, we take a stab at getting your attention.
A single picture is worth a thousand words, but we only get 100 to tell you a story.
My contribution today is entitled Brotherly Love.
I hope you will enjoy the way my mind works.

“Alright, Craig, ready to record?” Mickey called.

“Not yet, Dork. You forgot to write in the heart.”

“No I didn’t. You did little brother. Hurry up I’m getting sand in my ass.”

“From the sounds last night, that’s not all you got. The whole building heard.”

In falsetto, Morgan imitated, Oh Craig! Yes! Harder! Gim’me your love gun, baby!

“Shut up or I’m telling Mom you’re gay. “

“I’m not homo, you are!”

“Mom will believe me, I’m the oldest.”

Morgan mumbled, “By three fucking minutes.”

“Just smile and say ‘Happy Birthday Mom!’ and wave.”

“Bite me.”
"Dick head."

I hope you got a laugh, a smile or a fond sibling memory out of that. PLease, leave me a comment of any kind. I love them all. And take a minute to follow the links below to see what my fellow flashers had to say about this same photo. I promise, you'll never read a more talented, interesting, diverse, twisted group of perverts. I love 'em all. As Always, Happy Reading.
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  1. I loved that, it gave me the laugh I needed today. You created the atmosphere between the two brothers excellently. Poor Mom, she'll find out soon enough who's gay.

  2. Very well done, Jp! Nice connection between the two of them.

  3. I loved the back and forth, so funny!! excellent flash!!

  4. Brotherly love. I think you nailed the brother aspect. Loved the banter between the two. Excellent flash.

  5. I love this! Great minds must think alike because my first instinct was to have my snippet be about twins but then the week's events took me in a different direction. I love how these guys just jump off the paper so to speak so wonderfully alive!!

  6. LOL That was cute, very different take


    SLira aka Michael M

  7. Loved the idea and the banter between these two. I loved the fact that they were posing for a photo to give their mum, great fff!