Monday, July 16, 2012

Tatalizing Tuesday ~ Heart of Stone 7/17/12

Well folks, I'm back in the saddle again! And proud to be here.
It's the Tantalizing Tuesday Two hundred.
Myself and a group of talented authors pick a picture of inspiration and write a short story (blurb) about it. Every picture is different, every story original.
Come take a glimpse through our mind's eye.

My story this Tuesday is entitiled Heart of Stone.

I would cry if I could, but stone doesn’t weep, doesn’t bleed. In foolish, youthful ignorance I cursed myself to know.

Xeno, my heart’s desire, was so handsome. I recall the wave in his hair. The sun glistening off strong muscles as we often separated our flocks. Many village girls wanted him for husband, including me.
Our fathers wished to combine herds. What better way than a wedding?
He approached for my hand and I was overjoyed. I would have love and envy.
I thought him kind when he delayed our wedding night. He wanted to know me first, before scaring me with male desires, he claimed.
Days became weeks. I remained chaste and alone in my wedding bed. One night I went to find my husband. To make him so in truth. I desired him. I desired children.
I found him in the arms of Darius, making love.
My pain! My shame! As I ran, he called my name begging me to.. What? Understand? Forgive?
At the temple of Aphrodite, I cried at her feet. My heart broken, my pride offended, Xeno’s love would never be mine! To bare the humiliation!
I wished I were made of stone.

Thank you readers for your time and interest. I hope you enjoyed my tale to tell. To see what my friends and colleagues have come up with and what inspired them, click on the link below.

And as always, Happy Reading!


  1. Jp! What a joyous flash only to end in gutwrenching heartbreak. A tearful ending, very emotional and sexy. I loved it! Welcome back in spades:) xo

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this teaser. Very emotional with a twist I didn't see coming. Xeno reminds me of the way of many men. So sad when you have your heart's desire, only to discover it is given away so freely to another behind your back. My heart felt why she would have chose to be turned to stone.

  3. What a beautiful representation of the past and the present together in scintillating words. The post perfectly pictures the gorgeous picture. The last line leaves you lingering and wanting so much more.

  4. It wasn't just that you broke my heart, it was the way you drifted me into the story and then a twist and a yank, wow. Oh, the last line too. Loved it!!

  5. This is so beautiful. The words are filled with so much emotion. I loved it.

  6. Emotional and powerful, excellent!

  7. Thanks everyone. It was good to get to participate again. These shorts sometimes help me get my creative game on.

  8. Oh, the poor girl! Be careful what you wish for, I guess. Awesome story and writing. Really enjoyed it.

  9. Heart breaking yet excellently written

  10. Deeply emotional and very well crafted too. Well done J.P!

  11. Beautiful Teaser! I love legends and folklore, you've done a wonderful job with this emotional piece.

  12. Deeply emotional. Loved it J.P.