Monday, April 23, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday #2 4/24/12- Bucket List

Awesome! So happy to be here!
And so happy to have you're here too!
This is Tantalizing Tuesday, where we get the chance to pick a picture of our choice and spin a tale of 200 words.
200, no more, no less.
I hope you will enjoy my humble offering.
I also want to give a shout out to the beautiful lady, 
Sancre Darling,
who inadvertently gave me this idea.
Here is my story, Bucket List.

The bite of the whip into his flesh he recalled with bitter clarity.
They’d been torn from their bower, in nothing but braies and shift, to die under the lash. Because a common man-at-arms dared hands-fasted with Laird Mackenzie’s niece, promised to a nobleman for a fat dowry. Right here, 700 years ago.
Gazing at the crumbling walls of Cearlaverock Castle he smiled. Good, I hope the whole fucking thing falls into the moat.
“Collin.” Katherine moved beside him. Her voice acted like flame to the kindling of his soul. “We need to talk.”
He tore his eyes from the ruins of their ruin. She always came back the same to him, eyes as blue as a highland loch, chestnut curls wild in the wind. “Yes, my love?”
“I don’t want to do this anymore, Collin.  Twenty-eight times now in 700 years. We live, meet, love and only to come to the same end. I can’t watch you die anymore.”  Tears welled. “I want a life together.”
“I hardly see where our wants and wishes play a part, Katie. It’s a curse.”
“I’ve met someone, Collin. He can help us. We don’t have to die again. His name is Lestat.”

I hope you enjoyed that. I give a big nod to one of my favorite authors, Ms. Anne Rice and her most notorius vampire, Lestat de Lioncourt. The best villian ever. Please, ake the time and chesk out my fellow Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers by clicking on the links below.
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  1. Loved it J.p.! The twist at the end was excellent. Lestat was brilliant!!

  2. Ha! Right on, that is excellent. Hee hee. I'm still giggling. Fantastic.

    1. Giggling? Damn, and here I thought I was painting a dark picture. Oh well. LOL

  3. oh hells bells, give me the whole story As much as I am an erotic writer and reader, give me a good scottish ghost with hot sex and I am and thanks for the nod! :)

  4. Love the premise of this short piece and the vivid depiction of the scene! Great job! :_

  5. Excellent piece great writing and description and I loved the ending

  6. Wonderful teaser, and the shout out to Anne Rice was perfect!

  7. Totally different and excellently written. Chilling and romantic all rolled up with a twist. A great story. Oh, and I love the castle.

  8. I quite enjoyed the vivid narrative, in this rather different type of teaser. Well done!

  9. Great story, let's hope this is the answer to their eery problems!

  10. Wow. Great piece! SO eerie and yet...darkly hopeful.

  11. Holy smokes! Excellent work there. I am able to get lost in your work, because you too show some vividness. I would love to check out your books. I know you released one, but based on your style. I am truly interested. BTW, excellent Tx3!

  12. I just have the one so far Ray. And a short story in an Anthology: The Sexiest Time of the Year with Lani Rhea. BUT I emtered a writing contest recently and if I win I get a contract with No Boundaries Press. LOL. I haven't heatd anything yet, but I've got my fingers crossed.

  13. I love how different this was from my initial reaction to the picture was . I love castles and was going all fairy tale, fabulous teaser!!

  14. Hmm this was a great tease, my dirty mind went straight to threesome!

  15. I loved the link to Lestat! Wonderful teaser in the truest form. You forgot to add me on your links. There's bunches of us this week. Guess we all had some spare time. Well, loved this TTT, well done:) xo

  16. That was absolutely spellbinding! I smiled at the end where you mention Lestat. I loved your teaser!