Saturday, October 1, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #5 ~ Halo (continued)

Thank you again for showing up and giving me your input. I appreciate all you comments and look forward to them. If you are enjoying Halo so far, be sure to click on the angle photo to the right to see the trailer for this WIP that is becoming my passion. Hope you enjoy my six! Be sure to check out My partner and I's communal six sentences as Rhea Archer and my partner on her own page as Lani Rhea. Her WIP Loisianna Moon is absolutely fabulaous!

Setting the Scene:
Our Heroine, Claire Benedict has been greivously wounded in the heart by her former lover, Peter. As she hovers at death's door, she can over hear the conversation of her beloved Aunt Marriel and a man at her bedside. Michael promises her Aunt that Claire will live. That already her angel blood works to save her life. He consoles Marriel that it is all part of the Master plan, the will of God.
Marriel rebukes Michael for his arrogance.

My six sentences:
But know this, the day I buried her mother, I buried my halo as well. I care nothing any longer for your plans, or His. I care for Claire. She is my child Michael, as much or more than yours. I will raze heaven and hell for her if I must.”
      “I knew I chose you well, Marriel.”

Once again, thank you for your time and interest. Please check out all my other partner's in crime and rhyme. You can find them at this Six Sentence Sunday link.