Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday! 4/13/12 ~ Rubenesque

Welcome again all Flashers and Flash-ee's.
Great to have you here.
It's that time again. You know when a picture says a 1000 words, but we only get 100 to tell you a story.
I had fun with this one. I hope you will enjoy my spin of the picture below.

“KATHERINE!” Her mother screeched. “Why the hell am I seeing you naked on the evening news?”
Katie’s head snapped up. The nude pic she sexted Tony a few days ago flashed on the screen. He swore he never got it.
Someone had.
The ten-o’-clock anchor reported. “In fashion news, designer Christian Lacrosse announced he had discovered the model he wants to represent his new clothing line, Rubenesque, from a photo accidentally received on his cell phone. He’s offering a million dollar exclusive contract”.
“Give me your phone!”
“Am I grounded?” Dread filled her chest.
“Not if Lacrosse texted you back!”

Thanks again for playing along. Whether you love it, hate it or wandered in by mistake I would love you hear from you. So leave me a comment, limrick or  just a suggestive remark. LOL. I enjoy them all. As always, HAPPY READING!
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  1. What a sweet tale. Light and funny..every girls fear when she is brave enough to send such a pic...thank you..:D

  2. Loved it and the point of view was amazing. I love the mother's comment. LOL

  3. Ha! lovely, funny post! Her mum's brilliant!

  4. That was great honey. I love the way Katharine's Mum reacted. So funny.

  5. Love this, I laughed, and I love her mom's reaction. Awesomeness JP

  6. Now that was fun. Love it all the way through.

  7. Loved the mom's attitude. Great flash!

  8. Love the attitude and the fast pace. Very nicely done

  9. Yes, the pacing was awesome!! Fun way to end a texting oops

  10. Great sexy short! She is worth a million! Loved it beginning to end:) xo

  11. I admit, if this was my daughter, I'd be supportive too. Very creative FFF!