Saturday, April 21, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 4/22/12

Welcome sixers!
Today is Six Sentence Sunday!
Today I get to give you six sentences of a work in progress or newly published work to get your attention. Give you a tease!

This next six is a continuation from a story I am working on with the loose title of "Devil's Candy"
My characters are Jacob Devlin and Emily Candace, long term friends with benefits who maybe should be together, but then again, maybe not. We shall see.

In this seen, Jacob and Emily have just been reunited after a three year seperation. Jacob is disturbed by rumors of Emily's notorious behavior around their hometown. She is upset by his reproach and walks away angrily to drive off in her car. Jacob has grabbed the keys and refuses to let her leave without him.

“I hate you.” Her words were whispered.
The truth stung. Right now, she hated him for leaving in the first place, hated him for coming back like this and hated him for being the only one who could still the turmoil of her darkest heart.
“I know.” And maybe he did.

I hope you enjoyed my six! I hope you will want more. Please, leave me a comment, dirty limrick or bawdy story. Anything, I just love to hear from you. Afterwards, please stop by other creative and talented authors blogs by clicking the link below and seeing what they've been up to this week. Happy Reading!

Also, don't forget that my currently published work, Under Bonded Contract is available with at Amazon.


  1. I like this. Like the repetition for effect, and the concise, tight style. Good job.

  2. Poignant and emotional six, well done.

  3. Passion. Yes! Your writing pulls on me every time. Love it!!