Sunday, April 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 4/8/2012

Hello again all my friends and fiends.
It is time for another Six Sentence Sunday tidbit.
Today, I give you six sentences of a work in progress to tease and tantalize your interest.

In my last offering we were with Jacob Devlin and Emily full of love on a hot afternoon.
Today, while lying in her love and master's arms, she recalls a different time. A time before they were lovers, when the boundaries of friendship and passion first blurred.
The first time he kissed her.

Ever since she had been a little girl, there had been a hole in her where darkness and pain roared. It beat at her from the inside.
When Jacob kissed her, for the first time that she could remember, the hole had been quiet. The silence had been deafening…and a blessing.
She gave him the only response she had in her. She wanted the peace inside again, wanted passion to drown out the pain.

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  1. This is a poignant and emotive snippet, well described.

  2. Oh, Jp, that was so subtle, so moving.....almost painful. I lost my breath on the line, "a hole in her where darkness and pain roared." As she wants more, to still the roar, I want more to fill the appetite you have created in me. Wonderful 6.:) xo

  3. This is wonderful and emotionally gripping. To feel that pain and allow it to be silenced for any length of time speaks volumes.

  4. Love the emotion behind the sensuality. Well done!

  5. Quite an emotional reaction to a kiss.

  6. "passion to drown out the pain." I'm in love with this 6
    she's every girl, but such a mystery