Monday, April 16, 2012

Tatalizing Tuesday's #2 04/17/12 ~ Surveillance

Welcome everybody! I am so glad you could stop by and visit with me once more.
Today is our Tantalzing Tuesday offering where I get to pick the picture and tell you a story of 200 words, no more and no less.
There are some other very talented and clever writers in this group and I sincerely hope you will click on their names and follow the links and see what they have contributed to the game.
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Here is my 200.


She looks so sad.
Thomas gazed again through the powerful night scope. He shouldn’t be doing this, reducing himself to peeping-tom. Yet, the first time he saw her sitting naked in the window, his eyes near popped out of his head.
He happily pulled night shift on this surveillance detail, grateful for once to be a rookie and given the crappy duty hours.
Looking again at his dream girl, he wondered her thoughts.
Was she lonely too?
He couldn’t accept her being involved with organized crime. The file said she had ties with Marco Palone, but had to be wrong. He couldn’t imagine her being linked to the mob’s assassin.
The telephone inside her house rang and the photo tap machine clicked when his beauty answered.
“Hey, kitten! How’s it going?”
“Marco! Where…? How…? Are you safe?”
“Safe as can be and still free.” A male voice assured.
“Oh thank goodness!”
“How’s my baby sister?”
“Fine. Keeping the looky-loo’s busy.”
“FBI bothering you?”
“Not as bothered as I’d like to be. This one’s cute. I keep hoping he’ll do more than look.”
“Kitty!” A stern voice chastised.
Thomas dropped his eye to the scope. His goddess waved him over.

Hope you enjoyed that! I did. Please see what every one had to put in the pot today for the delectable, teasing Tantalizing Tuesday soup. And as always, Happy Reading!
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  1. Very imaginative! Once I started reading I couldnt stop, I even wanted more....

    1. Thanks. Ya'll keep this up and I'll think I have talent. *blushing*

  2. What she said! I was hooked and wanted the sex scene between them. We should make this 500 so we get more story. Excellent TTT.

  3. Wow! That was hot. I was drawn in wanting to know more. You certainly must keep this going, we're unanimous there.

  4. Excellent post! A story brewing for sure, loved it!

  5. I love the unique mob twist to your post. Fab Tuesday blog!

  6. Jp, this by tar a game-changed! I can see a book being made out of that one! Awesome Tx3

  7. You big tease! I loved this, loved it loved it. You have to continue this story, you;ve totally drawn me in. Fabulous photo choice, so erotically mundane!