Friday, February 3, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday 02/03/12 ~ "A Special Day"

Hello Again, it's time for another "flash" of insight.
A picture tells a thousand words,
but we only get 100 to tell you a story.

They’d wandered to the old neighborhood.

Eric wrapped his arm tenderly around Lance. “Remember when we used to meet here after school and make out.”

“Yeah, those were some pretty steamy moments. Sneaking around, forbidden desire.” Lance chuckled, caressing the arm around his torso.

“This was the first place you told me you loved me.”

“What can I say? You were so sexy, on your knees like that.”

Eric blushed with remembrance. Much had changed since then.

“Lance,” he paused. “Maggie’s pregnant.”

Lance gaped in disbelief. Tears formed, unshed. “You mean?”

“We’re going to be fathers.”

Their surrogate had conceived.

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