Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday Post #3 ~ "Halo"

Thank you again for joining me again for another look into my WIP "Halo". I appreciate your interest and support.

Setting The Scene: Our Heroine, Claire Benedict, has just been out in a pre-dawn run, trying to clear her head of the disturbing images and thoughts created by strange dark dreams. Her ex-lover Peter is weighing in her thoughts also, as he is heavily indicated as being involved in the homicide case she currently investingating. As if conjured by her worries, Peter appears at her doorstep. Their dicussion is heated, accusatory and even more cryptic than her dreams.

My Six:

"What are you doing, Peter?" Claire struggled in his firm embrace, unable to break free.
"Making you ready for what's to come." His mouth covered hers in a fierce kiss that stifled her scream. The blade that entered her heart was two-fold, betrayal and steel. As she slipped from his grasp, her blood spilling from her chest onto the dew covered grass, Claire wasn't sure which hurt more.

Stay tuned readers for more excerpts from Halo as the Sundays roll on. Hope you enjoyed our brief time together. Click on the angel icon to the right to view my book trailer for Halo. To check out other Six Sentence Sunday contributions from my co-horts and fellow authors click here Six Sentence Sunday.



  1. Poor Claire! I'm a heartless gutter snipe and I feel bad for Claire. Great six Miss Archer!!

  2. Poor Claire indeed. Why in the hell would anyone want to stab her in the heart? I loved the description in this piece and would love to read the rest of the story.

  3. Wonderful six Jp! Love hurts for sure! And I loved this six but I didn't get hurt, at least:) xoxo

  4. Wow! I did a double take on that one. You've definitely got me hooked!

  5. Oh what the hell!? Leaving it on such a cliffhanger!!! *pouts* More! I want More!