Friday, September 16, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #3 ~ Senator and Mrs. Up-tight.

The property was in her step-mother’s name, but it was for her and Tom. It kept the press off their backs for a week each year.
They slept ‘til noon, ate breakfast in bed, chased each other naked through the house and grounds like a couple of teen-agers. Tom “tagged” her in the tall grass by the lake shore, never minding the rain. It had been beautiful. Now, they walked hand in hand back to the house.
Tomorrow would come too soon. Senator Up-tight and wife would return to D.C. It was wonderful pretending to be democrats once a summer.

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  1. Love it! I like that they at least get away once a year. Well done! xo

  2. Avacation must be nice. I loved it Jp. Excellent FFF post.

  3. I need a vacation like that. Do you know of any place with a beach where you can reserve a naked run in with a hot hard body? Great job!