Sunday, September 11, 2011

SIX Sentence Sunday #2

This is six sentences from my WIP "Halo".

Setting the scene: Our Heroine, Claire has just had her first day, a long day on the job as a detective for Houston Homicide. She has come home to catch some sleep. She begins to dream about a giant chess board with eight foot tall pieces. She herself stands in the position of the white Queen. While attempting to "castle" the king, a mysterious and sinister stranger appears in the dream challenging her that she can not win this game. His message is cryptic and full of innuendo, that she is destined to loose. Claire has just implied that she will not give up and is trying to complete her next move on the board.
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God Bless America.

Halo Excerpt:
She turned away from him, giving her back in show of contempt, and began to push at the valiant white king.
“It hurts like hell when they come out the first time,”
“What?” she glanced over her shoulder to where mystery man had been moments before.
“Hey,” she called into the darkness, “when what comes out?”
Frustrated with no answer, she turned again to the king, pushing with all her might. As soft as whisper a voiced breathed in her ear, “Wings.”


  1. I'd never thought of angel wings causing pain before. You think they're just there like an arm or leg. Great twist on the usual. LOVED IT!

  2. whew....very intense! nice work.

  3. Gave me the chills! I can just imagine his voice soft as a whisper near my own cheek saying "Wings". Very intense! Great six! xo

  4. WOW, very ominous feeling of dread. I loved it.....but now I am a Nervous Nellie. What next??:) xo

  5. The contrast of the whisper and her shouting is very well done. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oooh love this! I love stories with angels and all sorts of winged beings! great six. :)

  7. Nice job! I've always thought beings with wings hurt when the wings first appeared :-)

  8. Wow! Last line gave me chills. Great six!

  9. intriguing six - like Sarah Ballance on the last line!