Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #4- "Halo" continued

Thank you for showing up again. I appreciate your time and interest in my work.

Setting the Scene: Our totured hero Peter is getting set to run, go under ground. He has just set in motion a course of events he is not sure he and Claire will survive. He is recalling when under the guise of friendship, our villian Anax revealed his nephilim nature. Anax has shown Peter his wings.

Here are my six:

“Oh my God!” Peter gasp.
A venomous look centered in the eyes of the creature on the roof. “Really Peter? Is he really your God? Or is he just an absent patriarch figure who has left you to fend for yourself, like he does all the other bastard relations.”

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  1. Well, are we going to get an answer to the creature's question? Sucked me right in. Great six.

  2. very nice. thanks for sharing.

  3. A venoumous look. Loved it. Always a pleasure reading your work.

  4. Well, that's interesting. :-) Would love to know what sort of creature it is :-)

  5. Thanks everyone. Anax is a nephilim, half angel/half human. Watch the book trailer, it kinda helps you to know what is going on if your interested. I appreciate everyone's interest.

  6. Intriguing, can't wait to read what prompted that reaction!

  7. How intriguing, i'm hooked in and wanting to know more!

  8. I love the story! I'm honored to know I get to read every word before "Halo" is submitted to a publisher. Great six, sis! Loved it!