Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 1 from WIP "Halo"

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! These are six sentences from a WIP (Work in Progress) that will hopefully entice and entertain you and bring you back for more. Please follow along for myself as well as my Blogger Buddies. Remember that I am a co-author with Lani Rhea, writing under the name Rhea Archer and we have a six sentence Sunday blog from our new short story Before the Dawn, so check it out as well.

This is six sentences from my WIP “Halo”
Background: Claire Benedict our leading lady and new minted detective, is dreaming of her ex-lover Peter. Peter is trying to coax Claire away from her duty of chasing a felon into a church. She has sensed something very wrong inside Peter and turned away from him, continuing her pursuit and running from being pursued.

Claire turned her back on the Peter of her dreams and ran. She sprinted for the doors of All Saint’s like the devil himself was chasing her. She heard Peter roar in frustration. Felt his heat come bounding after her. Claire braced herself as she impacted the church doors at full velocity and fell through…
And landed on her butt on the hardwood floors of her bedroom!

As always, thanks for your time and interest.


  1. Great six!! Am I supposed to have a crush on Peter? I love me a man who can roar!

  2. Excellent six! Gotta love thoe kinds of dreams. Bonni Sansom

  3. I love this scene. I can't wait until this story is done! Great six, Jp! =) xo