Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's NEW in the Ark~ Pass or Play

Always hard at it, trying to create an even better story for the readers. I tell you Under Bonded Contract is a tough act to follow, but Lani and I are working it. The next story in the Ark series will center around the unlikey couple of football wide receiver, Shawn "Shazam" Cole and security specialist for hire, Amparo Maddox, a woman of many talents... most of them deadly. Here is just a taste of our beautiful and sexy Amparo as she argues with her personal assistant and friend, Katesha Williams.

This blurb has not been professionally edited and is subject to changes per editor's request.
She looked for a wall clock. She had forty minutes to go back through security, find the terminal and get her ticket. Damn the luck.
“You know I just got off a red-eye, right? I haven’t showered or changed since I tangled with the art thief in the Everglades. I still have swamp gunk and alligator shit on me.”
“And I bet you look Tomb Raider hot.” Katesha laughed again.
“Yeah, yeah. Don’t even try to butter me up. You know my screen door only swings one way.”
She smiled at her own playfulness. They always nagged on each other, but when push came to shove, they had each other’s backs. No one else could talk to the other the way they did.
“Just ‘cause you don’t have any variety in your appetite, doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t sample different menus. Besides, from all the bitching you been doing lately, I’d say you haven’t had a bite of beef cake in a while, much less a taco.”
“Don’t go there, Kat.”
“Well, someone has to. You know what they say about all work and no play.”
“You’re the one that keeps booking back to back jobs!”
“Oh, yeah. That’s right. Well, if you weren’t so damn good at what you do…”
“Then you’d be out of a job. Any other words of wisdom?” Talk about circular conversations. Amparo got a headache from the round and round word play.
“Just that you better get your skinny ass in gear and go catch that flight.”
“Did you send my standard pack?”
“Don’t I always? The driver will already have it when you arrive.”
“Address? Client bio?”
“Already sent it to your Blackberry. You just have to download the file.”
“Fine. I’ll text you when I land. Later girl.”
They hung up and Amparo switched routes for terminal three, gate thirty-nine. Her feet and ass dragged in protest. 
She had just flown across country and now she had to go halfway back again. She could barely remember the last sit down meal she had eaten or having slept a whole night through in a real bed. One of these days she would have to get a life.

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