Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flash Ficton Friday 3/29/12 ~ Having A Bad Day

Hello! It's that time again.Yeah! Flash Fiction Friday!
A picture says a 1000 words, but we only get 100 to tell you a story.
This weeks pic was smokin' hot, so I decided to let it burn!
Hope you will like my perception.

He turned on his cell and it went crazy with messages. Going to his voice service, he hit play.

“Jimmy, this is Sylvia. I had to go to the health department today. Call me.”
His boss’ daughter.  She’d looked hot in her school uniform.


“Jim, its Dr. Carpenter. It’s not a UTI. Come see me immediately.”

“Peterson! How dare you! YOU’RE FIRED!”
Oh hell!

“Mr. Peterson. This is the Captain Jones with the fire department. I need to speak with you about your car.”
What the fuck?

Last message, his wife.
“Your clothes were in the trunk, motherfucker!”

Thank you again for taking this short journey into the play ground of my mind. I enjoy the company. Of course, I want to hear from you, so please leave you comments behind. I appreciate every one. Take the time to check out my fellow flashers by following the links below to find out what they thought of this pic. As always, Happy Reading!
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  1. I adored this and laughed! How clever of you! Wonderful, Jp!! Wonderful!!:) xo

    1. Thank you! You play, you pay!

    2. He should be grateful it was only his cloths and car........she could have surprised him with a Lorena Bobbit:) xo

  2. Ah, the consequences of cheating. BURN!

    Great post JP :P Ha. Loved it.

    1. They say the wages of sin, is death, but after taxes its really only a tired feeling. LOL.

  3. Oh I just had to laugh. Very fun on this one. I think this is extremely creative

  4. whoops, BAM, wonder where he will sleep tonight?

  5. oh boy. Cell phones are more trouble than they're worth, huh?

  6. Superb JP! Love the way you've written this!

  7. Ok, this is one of the more creative FFF's that I've read in a looong time. The idea of the voice mail play back is brilliant, I've got to find an opportunity to weave that set-up into a scene.

  8. I agree with Benjamin - brilliant! And damn is he freaked! roflmao

  9. so much fun!! a creative heap o trouble!!

  10. Love where you took this!! Fabulous FFF!

  11. Uh-Oh. He's knee deep in the shit he caused. Great FFF!

  12. Wow, hes in for it now. Nicely done!

  13. Sounds like a jerk, I'm sure I dated him at some point!
    Great Flash!

  14., this one was deep! He is so much trouble!

  15. LOL! I absolutely loved this flash! With every message, the shit he was in kept rising, and rising. Loved it!