Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday~ Timing is Everything

Once again it is Flash Fiction Friday!
A picture says a thousand words, but we only get one hundred to tell you a story.
This weeks picture is very provocative.
So here goes....

“Have you been good?”
“Yes, master.” Cameron breathed into the receiver. Her fingers inched closer to her pleasure center.
“Not yet, sweet heart.”
Damn. How did he know? Somehow he always did.
The anticipation stretched her nerves. A shiver of desire ran down her spine. Waiting, being commanded, told when she could reach a climax was a drug, the biggest high.
“You know the rules, not until the clock strikes.”
Seconds ticked. Noon rang.
Cameron arched, stroked. Twelve chimes, twelve strokes only. She came loudly into the phone.
“Good girl. Now, not again until tomorrow.”
“Yes, master.”

If you enjoyed my take on this picture, or even if you didn't, I love feedback. So please leave me a comment. Also, check out my fellow flashers at their sites below to see what they had to say to our sexy phone sex girl. As always, Happy Reading!
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  1. At 1 tomorrow?!? Is he crazy and then only one stroke? Torture! But, what a tortured turn-on! Loved it, J.P.:) xo

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Very nice indeed! I loved it! Loved the story behind your FFF!

  3. I love the control in this. Even at a distance Cameron knows she has to follow her Masters instructions. Wow! Wonderful post.

  4. I loved your flash!! hot domination, you hit me in the yummy spot :)

  5. Loved your flash! Isn't that every woman's secret desire? Being told when, where, and sometimes how to achieve orgasm. Great job.

  6. Damn sexy! Come when he commands. God, I don’t think I could do that. But the way this played out made me want to give it a try. ;o) Awesome post!

  7. Sweet FFF. There is just something so sexy about being told when you can and can't come. The anticipation is half the fun. She is a very good and obedient girl.

  8. Nice FFF! Sounds like she only gets one stroke tomorrow!