Saturday, January 28, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 01/29/12

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. I want to present and excerpt today from the Ark Hotel: Under Bonded Contract, soon to be published with Sizzler Intoxications.  This is a story Lani Rhea and I have co-written and look forward to sharing the whole story with you next month.
Setting the Scene: Our heroine and hero, Camri Burns and Jackson Pratt, are off to the Ark Hotel for the weekend to be test participants in new erotic games. Camri is playing under duress, having been tricked into signing a contract that obligates her to be a guinea pig.
Camri is in need of a costume for the Fetish Ball and Jackson has suggested a place to shop, Gomorhha's. Along the way the couple has again had another battle of wills that has left them at odds. Jackson hears the voice of his father with some sage advice.
 Always remember son, whatever the prize, if you give up, you’ll never win it.
Jackson’s smile was forced, but he pushed it to the limit. “We’re here. The sex shop, remember? You need a costume and I think I am going to check out the blow up dolls. Maybe they have one with red hair.” 

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  1. Hmm! Blow up dolls with red hair? That l have to see!

  2. Hey, Jp...thnaks for adding me to your Blogging Buddy list!! OK, now onto my comments:

    So Jackson has a thing for Camri, a fellow redhead, does she know? Does she want him to know she knows? Or is she just fighting the pull herself? We'll have to read the book next month to find out, but my guess is that everyone is on the same page, fighting their own desires which, no doubt, will explode in orgasmic delight:) xo

    I loved this six.......and I hate cliffhangers....bad gurl:) xo

  3. Muffy... how did you know? LOL. Orgasmic delight will be delivered as promised.

  4. Whoa! I like. That was intriguing, sexy, and kinky. Very good six.

  5. As a natural redhead I loved it!
    Wonderful six.

  6. Oooh, I love a good trip to the toy shop!! Great six!!