Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday January 27 2012 "Poser"

Pictures say a thousand words, but we only get one hundred to tell you a story.

“Tell me about yourself. Sometimes it helps.”
“Uh, well, umm… My name’s Michael, but I’m changing it.”
“Well, ‘cause it’s boring?”

“And you think if you change it, you’ll be more exciting?”

“Yea…, I mean no.”
“Then why the change? A rose by any other name and all that…”

“It’s Shakespeare. It means that names don’t count for much. It’s the man who bears it that matters. I understand. You want to be noticed.”

“Then tell me something real and I’ll make it happen.”

“I’m naked, scared and lonely.”
“Now show me. Yes! Hold it! ”


I hope you enjoyed my take on this photograph. Please feel free to leave a comment. All comments are welcome. Please take the time to see what my fellow writers have to say about the same picture. Everyone has a different point of view and sharing insight can be very interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I loved your take on this! Well done

  2. Love it. Poor guy is lonely, he plays it well!

  3. Great take on the pic. Nicely done!


  4. Michael needs to build up his confidence before changing his name :)
    Great post, loved it

  5. Well done. Extract the passion and pain - you have a great shot:) xo

  6. Jp, I love stories with dialogue and this one has plenty of it - Great. Experience goes a long way and that camera person knows his/her business. Loved it.

  7. Oo, I loved the dialogue exchange. You didn't need any word to show us the scene because their conversation did it all. This was an excellent post.

  8. Talk about baring your soul and everything else. Nice FFF. :)

  9. Thank you everyone for the comments. I know I don't get to play often, but I sure enjoy it when I do. You all make it a good experience.

  10. I love the set-up you did - great FFF...the back and forth really had me! :D

  11. I loved this. My heart feels for Michael. I can relate in a way. Great post. :)

  12. So what does he want to change his name to? Great post!

  13. I'm with Bonni -- I was wondering the same thing. Great FFF!

  14. The photographer did well drawing the emotion out of him, as did the writer. :) Seems like he's about to get the notice he's looking for and no one even needs to know his real or new name.